Our teams will be present at the upcoming Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program (CMU) Summit 2022 - New Frontiers in Tech to speak more about the iFetch project. The CMU Portugal Summit 2022 brings together experts from Portuguese universities, Carnegie Mellon University, and companies to present ICT research progress in areas as diverse as Health, Forests, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Language Technologies, Machine learning, among others.

The organisation will present an alternative soon for those who can’t attend physically. Find out more about this event at Summit 2022.

What is iFETCH, the Multimodal Conversational Agents for the Online Fashion Marketplace?

It is well known that high-end marketplaces require first-rate client connection. Users expect dependable, precise, and timely service, as well as best-in-class customer support throughout the customer journey. As a result, a seamless experience with a high-touch feel is critical to client engagement. As the luxury fashion industry evolves, and with the increase in demand due to the COVID pandemic, the services provided in the online retail space can be easily strained. However, technology can play a crucial role in ensuring the unrivalled experience provided to our customers can continue to exceed their expectations.

Enters, iFetch. iFetch’s challenge is to simulate a fashion professional who knows the customer’s needs and delivers fashion advice by leveraging extensive textual and visual data as well as knowledge acquired from previous experiences with a large number of customers. Our goal is to revolutionise the online high-fashion sector by developing conversational AI technology with multimodal capabilities.

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Blog photo by CMU Portugal.